5 Popular Games Like Mass Effect


Mass Effect, which is one of the popular video game, is basically a science fiction action role-playing game series. This third person shooter game is designed and developed by the Bio War, a renowned Canadian company. It is available on all platform including the Xbox 360, Microsoft windows and PlayStation 3.

In this video game, you may find a trilogy, which mainly revolves around a soldier, name Commander Shepard, who has a unique mission that is to save the galaxy from a race of powerful and dominant mechanical. This was admiring a lot for its attractive scenario, deep personality progress, huge universe to discover and the importance on player selection puts an impact on the story direction and conclusion.

games like mass effect

But there are lots more interesting games on the line, which are equally good and famous. So in this page you are going to find similar action games, which are not less than the upper one. So here is the list of best games like Mass effect.

Popular Games Like Mass Effect for PC/ps3/xbox 360

1. Dragon Age Series

It is definitely the best after mass effect. Dragon Age is one of the best games in this area and was also established by the Bio Ware. Dragon Age presently structures two games in the sequence with the third one is ready for the release in 2013.


The Dragon Age game sequences take place in a gloomy fantastic location and offers ample of character growth for admirers of Mass Effect to appreciate. In its first game the player’s selection of battle and the class has an influence on the starting storyline. Another game in the Dragon Age also permits class customization gameplay all over the game.

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2. War frame

War frame is an unrestricted shooter game available for PC and PES 4. It’s willingly intense and uses a third party viewpoint, this particular game gained heaps of purchase afterward a 2013 release. As leading soldiers thought this contest has a few actions undercover that can crack the waves of clashes in their favors, this comprises their great armor and extra special skills.



You’ll also be armed with a commotion sword that makes you feel like some kind of galaxy ninja as you rush around the at last cut up your rivals into bits.

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3. Kingdoms of Amalure: The Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning is a widespread game for Windows computer, PES 3 and Xbox “360”, which was out in 2012.In the game Kingdom of Amalur you can know how 5 dissimilar and separate game areas can similarly play 1 of 4 unlike duels. All of these races have entrance to the three different session trees.



To do well in Kingdoms of Amalureall players must crack ‘destinies’ by finishing specific missions. Contest is created on careful key control and also includes cut acts into the mixture of the God of Combat games.

4. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Assassins of Kings are the follow-up to the very popular action based playing game and are obtainable on Windows, MAC and the Xbox “360”. An Improved Version was out in the next year which added tones of new contents alongside a quantity of significant bug fixes and tugs.

The Witcher 2Assassins of Kings

The game is lightly created on the book sequence with the similar name by Andrej Sapkowaski. One of the very few games to derive out of a volume has verified to be a very fruitful venture with limitless reviews quoting the developed and attractive storyline as one of the finest things. Game play in the Witcher 2 is a little faster paced than the original game with play-actor attacks usually linking a combination of instant and feeble attacks combined with slower and more harmful moves.

5. Deuss Ex: The Human Revolution

Deuss Ex: The Human Revolution is one more popular game like the Mass Effect series that was out in the year 2011 and was met with critical acclamation.

Deuss Ex The Human Revolution

The game starts in the year 2027 and has players take the character of Adam Jensen who is deeply injured in a terrorist attack. After going over life-saving operation an amount of his body parts is swapped with progressive prosthetics.

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