Best 5 Games like Clash of Clans for Android/iOS


Clash of Clans is one of the best games for android and iOS which has got millions of downloads on Google play store and millions of users or game lovers are enjoying the game since years. But the gameplay of Clash of Clans is not that simple, which is why you might be stucked in between the game and would not be able to complete the gameplay. Therefore, we have come up with the list of games like Clash of Clans which are best alternative for the Clash of Clans game.

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This Clash of Clans like game are also available for all the devices including all android devices, iOS devices like iPad etc. These games are quite similar to that of the Clash of Clans game and I am sure you would definitely love these games as well.

games like clash-of-clans

Castle Clash

Castle Clash game was very well known before the Clash of clans and it also is one of game that has millions of downloads on Google play store. You can enjoy the game and feel the gameplay.

Ninja Kingdom

Zynga’s Ninja Kingdom, formerly known as Dojo Mojo, lets you get the jump on rival shoguns from your browser and enjoy the game.

Total Conquest

This base-building games has a Greco-Roman flare to them, and is one of the game from popular game developer,  Gameloft’s. Total Conquest is like Roman governor in charge of their own city-state and you can have the similar glimpse of the game.

Clash of Lords

Another entry from the makers of Castle Clash, Clash of Lords maintains the medieval-meets-magic aesthetic .

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is from, Red Robot Labs which brings location-based fun to the game and let you build your base in any real world location you can find on a map. Now you can defend your neighborhood with military might and enjoy the incredible game.

Although there are number of similar games but these are the games that are popular and millions of users and game lover are playing the game on their Smartphone. Feel free to share any other games which are similar to Clash of Clans in the comments below.

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