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Have you root your phone earlier? If not because you find it very tedious task to connect it to your computer and carry out several steps then here is very perfect app for you. Towelroot apk is a very special application for your smart phone which allows you to root your smart phone without connecting it to the computer and doing any tedious job.

For this, what you are required to do is just install the application in your smart phone and run it. Now, as the application starts working, press the button pointing ‘make it rain’ and within few minutes your phone will begin to root. While rooting, your phone even doesn’t need to be switch off or restart. Many famous smart phone brands like Samsung galaxy S4 and S5 are running this application very effectively.


Download Towelroot APK


We have also reported with satisfactory results of Nexsus 4 or 5 about this application. In short, it is found to be one of the best applications for rooting your smart phone. Second very interesting thing about this application is that it is created by none other than famous United States Hacker GeoHot, who at the age of 24 did two remarkable jobs. One was to jail break an iPhone and second was creation of a way to use homebrew on play station 3 console.


AppList 1.6.2 APK for Android

In order to install towel root application on your smart phone, you need to have kernel updated prior to June 3, 2014 when the aforementioned vulnerability was detected. Maximum of all the smart phones are able to run this application successfully, even smart phones with American service providers like AT&T and Verizon also. But there are some smart phones like new smart phone models from Motorola and HTC which are not able to play this application properly.

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