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Aptoide is an alternative market in the world of android store which provides a platform where all the android applications and games can be searched and downloaded in the form of APK file and then they can be installed as per the phone configuration. There is a concept of partners and end-clients where the partners manage their own stores updating about the apps and the end-clients can download the apps that have been uploaded.

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Features of Aptoide Apk:

  • The launch of Aptoide comes with the display of all the apps and games that have been chosen by the editors on the interface.
  • The user can choose among the multitude of applications and games that are needed by him on the Android set. The user can check the features and their use. The user can consult all the related applications.
  • The Aptoide utility a search option which enables one to search a particular application, or a category of applications that are categorized on the basis of theme, genre and kind. These all categorization are based on the ranking system.
  • The Aptoide can be configured as per the users need for better handling. All the updates are immediately displayed that are available as an option to the user to be updated or not.
  • If the user wants to create a shop, there is an optimal fee that one needs to pay and then one can offer the personal applications available for Android. This can be done by the user creating an account, subscribing by deposition of some amount of money and can further do the online shop creation and inclusion of apps.

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How to download Aptoide Android APK

  • Firstly, download the apk of Appdroid from the download link provided.
  • Now transfer the apk file to your android device.
  • Now look in the Smartphone for the apk and just click on the apk
  • This will automatically install the app on your device.

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Thus, Aptoide can be described as the “market place” on the android platform which is an open source platform now.Aptoide has a special feature that allows to integrate and manage the apps that have been launched by the Developers, Telco’s, OEM and Integrators.

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