Download 2048 Number Puzzle Game 4.2 APK Free

Download Link For 2048 Number Puzzle Game 4.2 APK (Free)

2048 is a puzzle game for android, windows, and iPhones. This game was introduced by an Italian of age 19 years, Gabriele Cirulli who had web development as a passion for the year 2014, March.  It is a kind of sliding block puzzle that is similar to the game threes.

Features and Rules to play the game:

This is a tile game. It is a 4X4 grid game where the numbered tiles appear. The player smoothly glides along one of the four arrow keys. With every turn, there shall be an appearance of a new tile from one of the sides of the corners in an empty spot, that is the place where there are no numbered tiles, which has a value of either or 4. The tiles glide towards the other end in the direction of the arrow which has been slid until it strikes another tile.

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If the value of the tiles that are colliding is similar then the value adds up and the two tiles merged together and if they are not, they just end up lying adjacent to each other. The resulting merged tile that has been formed by the tiles do not collide or strike further with any other tile until another move is played.

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There is a scoreboard on the top, at the right-hand corner of the user screen. The scoreboard starts at zero, and increments slowly when two tiles combine Every time the new tiles merge, the value of the merged tile adds up to show the current score of the user.

How to play it better:

  • One should always think about the movie before one takes a further step. Taking up time doesn’t cost a penalty.
  • One should always keep the highest score on the scoreboard at one of the corners and try to pack the tiles as per the descending order of the values around it.

Download 2048 Number Puzzle Game 4.2 APK Free

Download Link here

Thus, 2048 although being an addictive game was initially introduced just for a test by the maker, which later led into a big-time hit.

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