Download AppList 1.6.2 APK for Android

Download Latest AppList APK for Android 2020

The latest version of Applist was developed by Rayan Petrich in Cydia Package. Applist defined as a library that helps in getting all the information related to apps supported particularly in cell phones. With applist, app developers can get the list of app those are installed along with the pane of preferences. They can also avail much other information such as Display Identifier, Display Names, icons, remote messaging center, etc.

Applist Features

AppList gained its popularity with the Symbian platform as its App store. At the Symbian platform, Applist has a well-known user interface with over 150 high-quality applications and games designed for Symbian platforms. But now you can enjoy the applist apk for android smartphones too.

applist icon

The apk download of  AppList allows you to get every information with regular update facilities. It has a widget features at home screen that catches every new update. A classy Black and White theme gives the best user experience on the Symbian phone.

Applist for Windows

In windows phone, App List consists of the apps, games and features in the form of a huge list.  All you need to do it go on the start screen and just swipe towards left. Now scroll and up and down and every all the apps installed on your windows phone. Apart from that, if you tap on any alphabet, a screen of letters appears. There you can choose any letter that will redirect you towards the apps whose names start with the same letter.

Applist Apk For Android

For android users just make sure to download apk from the source provided below.


If you tap and hold on any particular app, you will get an option to “pin to start” for in-built apps. Whereas if the app is not an in-built app of Windows, you may also get options such as “uninstall/rate/share.”

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I hope you enjoy using Applist apk at android platforms and also avail all the information related to any particular app.

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