Hike Messenger APK Latest Version Free Download Android

Hike Messenger Latest Version Free Download For Android

Are you ready to hike up your life with the Hike Messenger, which is one of the most prevalent Instant Messaging apps that are broadly accessible for nearly all sorts of Smartphones? Hike Messenger has got vast approval all over the world with its loads of users worldwide. Hike messenger, India’s possess instant messaging app has appeared as one of the firm estrising mobile apps in the nation, rising 300% in the past 9 months. Launched in the month of December 2012, Hike has grown-up to 1.5 crores users today.

hike messenger download

There is a quantity of diverse IM apps obtainable for different kinds of smartphones. Speaking about this specific Hike Messenger, then it’s not just only a messaging application. You can fix and share a lot of stuff on the go through your adored ones. To know about this app more and to download hike apk download and install procedure, kindly track the below-given list of its features.

Hike Free Messaging Android App Facts and Features:

  1. Hike Messenger is now downloaded by over 50 Million android operators. It is given 4.4 out of 5 in its ratings, based on 982.7K critics in which 575.5K have given it a 5 out of 5 stars, while only 31.1K people have given it1 star.
  2. The proper size of this App is 15.3 MB and the latest form is “3.9.0” which was out on April 20th, 2015.
  3. One of the Hike’s important features is the ‘hike Offline’ option, which permits operators to join with friends who don’t contain smartphones or the mobile data connectivity system via open SMS.
  4. Hike Messenger is now proposing infinite SMS to its consumers. The further you chat on it, the more open SMS you will get.
  5. Among the other prevalent Indian youth, precise landscapes are the capability of choice and take whom one displays their ‘Last Seen’ and all ‘Status Updates’ to.

Any other Instant Messaging application does not give its customers this type of flexibility, the company demanded. To more add settings to messaging options, the app stretches the capacity to share local stickers and 2-way chat subjects.

So to install Hike APK file for the Android, all you must do is just tick on to the directions above given the Download button. Transferring procedure will take place and quickly the APK folder of the Hike Messenger app will be near on the display.

How to Download the Hike Messenger APK file on Android Smartphones?

  • Please make sure to install a correct APK file of the Hike Messenger app from the below download links.

Download Link

  • Then you need to click on to the above-given Download key and get the APK file of Hike Messenger transferred to your computer.
  • When you are done with it, detach your smartphone from your computer.
  • Go to your phone’s apps menu and tap on to the File Manager folder. Search for the APK file of Hike messenger there which you just have moved in the device. Tap onto the folder and you are going to ask if you want to install it or not. Just click the save option.

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To start messaging on hike, go to your handset’s key apps menu and search for it. Then tap on to the sign and start using this application right then.

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