How to Log Out of Kik Easy Steps

Complete Guide On How to Log Out of Kik Easy Steps

Most of the apps have a “logout” switch that will always sign them out of any account so they would not get any kind of notifications to guard their account against hackers. But unluckily, there is no customary method to get logged out of Kik Messenger apps, but there is a possibility to manually force Kik messenger to sign itself out.

There is only one way you can “log in” with an altered account is by erasing all of the records from the Kik app on your handset. So here are the details.

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How to sign out of Kik messenger

At first, Open the Kik app. Just tap the Settings sign formed like a gear, in the higher right corner. It is not probable to “log out” of Kik messenger, as it does not upkeep numerous users. As an alternative, you will be rearranging the apps, which will affect you to lose all your chats.

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Protect your past messages.

Rearranging the application will remove all of your chats. You can just copy & paste singular messages by pressing the message option. Then select “Copy” option after the menu that appears, and then you can paste the message in an alternative file to save it.

It is likely possible to back up your Kik app messages, but this needs that your phone is deep-rooted or jailbroken, and also wants a third party application.

  • Tap on “Your Account”. This will then open a menu allowing you sort variations to your version sets.
  • Then you need to Tap “Rearrange Kik Messenger”. As you can’t log out of Kik, reorganizing the app is the one way to eliminate your account info and sign in with an additional account.
  • Confirm the reset option. Tap on “Yes” in the window and you are done. Your account will not be erased, but you will must sign in once more.

Another Different Kik “Logout” Process

But there is another selection if you don’t need to keep an eye on the steps overhead. You can just delete the application on your iPhone or Android phone, which will energize the version to logout.

  • To erase the application from iPhone just hold down your limb on the app ’til it has a slight “x” on just the top left angle. Then tap on the x to erase the app.
  • To remove the app from an Android phone goes to the settings, then to the apps option, then in the application manager. Since there you will discover the Kik Messenger application and tap on the uninstall button to erase the app itself.

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After you erase the application you can only go back to the Apple Application Store option or the android’s Google Play store on your handset and hunt again for Kik and install the app once more. So this was the simple steps to how you can log out of Kik messenger.

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