How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Windows in Pendrive

Working Way: How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Windows in Pendrive

There are millions of new viruses coming out every day from hacker schemes. Some of the hackers deliberately compose virus drivers and they will surely spread them all over the virtual world. Among the millions of the virus drivers few of them will blow out quickly and they cause so many troubles to the operators.

You may be thinking that these shortcut viruses are not that harmful to your PC or laptop but you are wrong. Many people thought the same way and they lost all their data and important files with these ones. These viruses affect your system slowly and in no time damage all your valuable data.

These viruses can be easily removed. But first, you need to know the method of eradicating it. You will find several processes or instructions. But here you will see a simple method and you will be successful

Do you know that the viruses have two types? One is a Flash drive short term virus and the other one is the file and folder virus.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

It is a well-known Trojan virus. It took all your files from your portable devices and then put it into a hidden file. A flash disk short cut virus was suddenly created and you are left with no other choice but to open your folder via the flash disk option. As soon as you open any of your files many wicked apps will be installed. It can spy on your computing work and can even steal your financial data

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

These shortcut viruses duplicate your records and folders, and hide and substitute them with the “shortcuts.exe” binary. This is a mixture of the Trojan virus and the worm virus. The evil thing about this type of shortcut virus is that it will leave you no other choices but to clack it in command to open your archives and files. Then after completing it, the worm itself jumps to replicate itself and set up mischievous software those observers your computing custom and the worst part, snip your significant data and credit pass evidence.

How to remove the shortcut virus:

Let’s come to the process of elimination. The procedure is too simple to handle.

  • First, open your command prompt. To open it simply press windows button+R and you will find the search option. Type CMD in that box and tap on the enter button.
  • After opening the CMD note down the pen drive location. Again type the location on the free space
  • Then you need to type one last command. Copy the link below and paste this on your CMD and press the enter button.
  • Copy this original code-   “ attrib -s -h/s/d*.* ”
how to remove virus from computer

Now you go back to your pen drive and grasp all your records. You will observe a blank folder. Then open that bare folder. There you can get your files.

How to avoid virus

Set up HFV or SmadA.V as your chief protection and a decent antivirus to complete your compact security.

Hope this article proves to be a problem solver for you. Leave your valuable comments on the comment section below.

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