How to Root Android Phone Without a Computer

Exact Tutorial On How to Root Android Phone Without a Computer

Rooting your mobile device means tracking down SuperUser rights and consents to your Android software. With these high user rights, you increase the facility to load custom software installation, rise performance, increase battery time, and the facility to install software that would else cost extra charge. In the iPhone sphere, this would be equal to Jailbreaking your device.

how to root android

Benefits of Rooting an Android Phone

Free internal memory 

People who have low internal space on their phone can transfer any apps from interior memory to SD card after rooting their mobile.

Capable of Use Newest Android OS

As we said previously, routine ROM can let you modernize to the newest sort of Android OS even before they are publicly out. This is a great piece for the tech-savvy people.

Cracking Extra Features

When rooting your phone you also advance the facility to solve some features that your shipper may charge for. One instance is allowing free Wi-Fi and USB chaining.

Customize ROM

This is the most influential feature of deep-rooted mobiles. There are bunches of custom ROM that can do everything from fast-moving up the processing speed of your mobile to altering the entire aspect and feel of your mobile.

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Drawbacks of Rooting Your Android device


The main drawback behind rooting your phone is it can turn into bricks. As we clarified earlier, bricking your mobile means fixing up your phone software so severely that your device can no longer work correctly.

Canceling Phone’s Guarantee

Once you fixed your device, you canceled your mobile’s warranty.

How to Root Android Phone without Computer

So guys here is an easy way to do it. If you have earlier followed complicated steps then it is a must-try for you. You will often find the rooting process of your device is totally hard and complex. It does not contain any regular methods. But this time you will learn it easily by the quick method process. You can even install it without a computer.

Framaroot is basically a one ticks that root nearly all android devices without the necessity of a Computer. Framaroot now china mobiles with Android types from 2.0.1 to 4.2.2. This is one of the coolest and quickest rooting systems.

You only need to install the application named Framaroot and print the downloaded folder into your handset through SD card or other storing.

So here is the process…..

  1. First, you need to install the Framaroot App to your Smartphone or PC. Download superuser apk from Here.
  2. If you transfer the file to your computer, just Copy that File to your phone’s free memory. If copied in phone, move this folder to an exact space.

 3. Then Install the Framaroot app from the apk file.

  1. Choose the option “connect SuperUser” route in between Framaroot.
  2. Choose any of the activities present in the app and wait for a while.
  3. If you get an achievement, SuperUser and SU dual installed. You have to restart your device message again.

The process is now complete now and successfully rooted your android device.

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