Market Unlocker Pro Apk 3.5.1 Free Download

Easy Way To Download Market Unlocker Pro Apk For Free ( Latest Version)

There are following regulations on Google where there are apps and games which one can’t download in a particular region or a particular country because they have been made country-specific by Google. One such example to be quoted here is Google Play music which was made country-specific to US. In such cases, the Market Unlocker app is used to bypass the limitations that have been put on the apps to make it country-specific. Now you can easily download Market Unlocker Pro Apk 3.5.1 for Free.

market unlocker pro download

The features of Market Unlocker apps are:

  • It bypasses the restriction that has been put on the app by Google for a specific region or country.
  • The app available is absolutely free and it can also access the paid apps on the Play Store in areas where paid apps aren’t available and that too, in one click.
  • It can also be used to download the app from the Amazon Appstore.
  • This app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. One needs to download the APK file on their phone and install it. But before installation one needs to assure that Google Play store is available or not. This app works in coordination with the Google Play store.
  • It changes suppliers of the apps in one click that gives it the right to download the app.
  • Market Unlocker uses the proxy to gain access to the apps. It uses HTTP, Socks4 and Socks5 proxy.
  • All the international proxies are supported in it for all the applications.
  • The pro version of the Market Unlocker allows changing the proxy. This is done by searching, getting and configuring the proxy immediately.
  • The company is changed when booted or it is switched to flight mode and then the changes are done.
  • The minimum android version required is 2.2.

Freestore APK

How to Download & Install Market Unlocker Pro Android APK

  • Firstly, download the apk of Appdroid from the download link provided.
  • Now transfer the apk file to your android device.
  • Now look in the Smartphone for the apk and just click on the apk
  • This will automatically install the app on your device.

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Thus, the Market Unlocker app is a boon to all the people who are always inclined to find and download the new apps and they need not worry if the app is country-specific.

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