Top 10 Proxy Sites – Best Free Proxy Servers List for Facebook/Youtube

Best Free Proxy Sites – Best For Blocked Websites

Have you ever got into any situation where you actually need to access the internet but your entry is jammed? Then you surely need to take the help of these proxy sites explained further down. There are quite a lot of sites that will give you this facility by connecting you to a proxy operator. We just want to spare you the annoyance of having to select through the numerous sites accessible, we have created a list of proxy servers that we just have used and verified widely.

best free proxy servers

One of the significant paybacks of these sites is the point that they can be used from any place, which basically means that you can use these locations while in college or other schooling institutes as this is the place where we find maximum boundaries.

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1. Ninja web Proxy

Ninja web Proxy is a permitted unspecified web proxy which lets people from all over the world to avoid internet sieves and enjoy free surfing. They keep all main running portals such as YouTube and Daily motion.

Lots of people from around the world use the Ninja web proxy every day. Why? As it’s secure, simple to use and helps lots of diverse devices from Windows to Smartphones and even Apple phones


Since the year 2005, has aided thousands of persons. On an everyday basis, guards virtual individuality and upholds secrecy. It goes more and gives entree to limited sites. This site has a standing of being the quickest, most dependable network proxy on the net that is accessible for free.

3. Proxy.Red

Proxy. Red is the only proxy location that takes your info seriously. Their safe SSL Proxy server is obtainable 24/7 to save your virtual quests totally secret.

Freeing the websites has never been cooler so simply tell this server which site you want to access and directly it will have recovered it for you and show it in front of you. They want to create the internet flexibly accessible to everybody no matter their position.

4. Just Proxy – Germany

This proxy is Germany’s fastest and maximum dependable proxy server. By selecting to surf via our proxy you are mechanically guarding individuality and hiding your info from possible cyber offenders.

This proxy server rounds in the cloud with great bandwidth gamely offered to their users. JustProxy.germany is a totally free proxy deal and will never record and release your evidence to third parties. Their job is to save you safe when spending time with the Internet.

5. Proxify

Spending on the Proxify creates life cooler for you because unlike several others like sites, it does not want you to set up any kind of software on your device. It delivers its proxy facilities secretly, allowing you to browse all you want very safely and secretly


As its name cleverly suggests, this site enables you to bypass your work, school or other network provider blocks. Using will take you straight to your favorite sites on their platform. All you have to do to access this is type your desired site addresses that you would like to visit in the field provided.

7. JustProxy Canada

The whole lot you spread via this Proxy site is encoded over the SSL encryption which means your facts rest accurately like your facts!

Their whole proxy system runs in the cloud with great obtainability servers and a huge 1GBPS connection to the net. You will not ever experience interruptions or braked down even in peak periods.

8. QuickProxy has been created to keep all the data hidden and secure in the virtual sphere. It is programmed by the Dual Hexacore server. Maybe that’s why this proxy runs so quickly. It never delays any program like other free sites. Quickproxy is leading on the market for this reason only.

They have recently become one of the topmost proxy sites in the United Kingdom by clearing sites for hundreds and thousands of people on a regular basis.


This particular site does not let anybody know your virtual address, which is basically your IP address. Over the use of NewIPNow, you will be capable of usage and IP address they deliver to you to hide your wired personality which will permit you to passage around on the World Wide Web (WWW) unnoticed.

10. The

It offers unrestricted access to the regularly modernized exposed proxy record via an elastic user line letting to type the proxy list overstuffs such as proxy type, level of secrecy, port figure, linking inactivity, etc.

Our list is not complete and we will be more than glad to hear your opinions on additional sites that are not itemized but bid better function and structures than what we have described. Please put your valuable comments in the segment provided on this page.

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